Following a huge influx of migrants as a result of the Syria Crisis, alongside ongoing humanitarian assistance programmes, labour market inclusion has gradually become one of the defining issues of migration policymaking in Turkey. All people deserve the opportunity to earn an income and provide for themselves and their loved ones. A stable income for migrants – especially those fleeing conflict – has a significant effect on post-migration physical and psychological well-being for the individual and integration into a new community.

IOM has been supporting labour migration management in Turkey to develop a comprehensive and human rights based labour migration management system. IOM partners closely with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to assess the foreign labour needs of Turkey’s labour market to counter irregular labour migration, as well as to advocate for the rights and registered employment of migration workers.

To put this strategy into practice, IOM’s team works closely with the government to build policy and infrastructure, form long-lasting partnerships with relevant international and national organizations, like the International Labour Organization and International Trade Centre and build the capacity of teams that will take Turkey’s labour migration strategy forward. We also support the Government to take a place at the table during international discussions and conferences on labour and labour in the context of migration.