06 Jul 2022
By: Begüm Başaran

"The grant enabled me to make my own wheel balancer. There is only one in this region, and it has made our workshop unique,” says 33-year-old Abidülkadir, a young car mechanic. 

Abidülkadir was unable to complete his education and began working at a very young age. In 2002, he decided to migrate with his brother to Qatar and work there as labourers. However, with the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, worrying for his family’s safety, he moved himself and his family to Türkiye, Şanlıurfa province, where he resides today.

In Türkiye, Abidülkadir has received a two-month treatment for his head injury resulting from a bullet during the conflict. However, the doctors said the bullet in his brain would not come out. Therefore, he started taking a high dose of medication to endure the pain. He couldn’t rest much as he had to work full-time to support his family. As a result, he suffered numerous convulsion attacks during his long working hours, which seriously threatened his health and life. 

"I went to the Gaziantep Ensar Community Centre to seek treatment for my illness. and that's how I came across IOM where they directed me to cash grant project applications. I was so interested that I developed a project proposal and applied for a grant," recalls Abidülkadir. 

Abidülkadir's self-confidence grew after he received the grant, and he put more effort into his work, offering new ideas and relying on his talents. His former boss noticed this and offered him the opportunity to become a business partner in the company where he works.

"This job has given me a new lease on life. Before, my body was losing its strength slightly day by day. But now, I have the freedom to schedule and adjust my working hours to my health condition," he adds.

This grant didn’t only have advantages for Abidülkadir’s health but for his professional career and financial growth. Before, he had faced financial difficulties because of his low pay compared to his workload. 


“I was in such a desperate situation that I even considered moving to Europe irregularly. However, now I am rebuilding my life in my new community with the help of the cash grant offered by IOM,” he explains.

As an exceptionally talented in his field, Abidülkadir is sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained while working in Qatar with the Turkish community. He designed a wheel balancer and made it with his own hands, which is normally unaffordably expensive to purchase for a small car repair shop. Today, they are actively using it and have enough clients thanks to word of mouth.

"Working with the local community here has been extremely beneficial to me; I've learned a lot from the people here, and I am building my own network,  which led to new job opportunities," says Abidülkadir. And now, he is looking forward to the day when he and his brother will open their own car repair shop. 

IOM Türkiye and its partners are continuing to help people like Abdulkadir become more financially resilient. With the assistance of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM), IOM Türkiye continues to provide training and cash grants to migrant, refugee, and host communities in Türkiye.