A valuable factor in IOM's good standing among Member States and donors is its careful stewardship of entrusted funds. As IOM continues to grow in response to global migration challenges, its procurement needs grow as well.

This website, alongside global procurement notices, provides information on opportunities for vendors and service providers.

Current Notices

Notice  Published Date      Closing Date

TD-GZT-2024-0150- Establishment of the Multipurpose Communal Meeting Space with Camellia in Hatay, Kahramanmaras, Malatya, Adiyaman

05/04/2024 16/04/2024- 10:00

TD-GZT-2024-0136-REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ) for RSU- Provision of 7,500 Food Kits for several locations

27/03/2024 15/04/2024- 16:00

TD-GZT-2024-0147- Repairment and Providing Equipment to the Communal Space in Yenimahalle Container Site Hatay/Samandag

03/04/2024 15/04/2024- 10:00

TD-GZT-2024-0145- Establishment of Communal Space in Container Site in Hatay

03/04/2024 15/04/2024- 10:00

TD-GZT-2024-0141- Establishment of the Multipurpose Communal Space in Palmira Container Site in Samandag / Hatay

02/04/2024 15/04/2024- 10:00

TD-GZT-2024-0140- Establishment of the Communal Space in Container Site in Malatya

02/04/2024 15/04/2024- 10:00

TD-GZT-2024-0143 Provision of First Aid Kit to Kahramanmaras

02/04/2024 09/04/2024- 16:00

TD-GZT-2024-0138 Provision of Medical Items to be Donated to Malatya Provincial Health Directorate-HE

01/04/2024 09/04/2024- 12:00

TD-GZT-2024-0139 Provision of Medical Items and NRP SET to be Donated to Hatay MHCs - HE

28/03/2024 09/04/2024- 12:00

TD-GZT-2024-0144 Purchasing of Packing Cardboard Box for 4000 Winter NFI Kits

02/04/2024 05/04/2024- 16:00

TD-ANK-2024-0085 - Provision of Accommodation Meeting Packages and Catering Services

22/03/2024 05/04/2024- 15:00


Global Procurement Opportunities

IOM procures a wide range of goods, works and services. The Organization values companies that provide quality products and services, ensure their timely delivery and propose favorable post-delivery payment terms.

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