The Sanliurfa Migrant Coordination and Information Centre, in collaboration with the Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, hosted social events to celebrate International Migrants Day.

The events were held throughout the week of December 12–18, 2022, in different sites, including schools, movie theaters, municipal buildings, and the Yenice Migrant Centre, with the main goal of promoting social cohesion between the local and migrant communities. A total of 1600 beneficiaries from the migrant and local communities were reached through informational and awareness-raising events, which were followed by lunches and cake-cutting celebrations with the participants. The activities included face painting, arts and crafts creation, movie screenings, and other social and cultural events. The attendees were primarily women, girls, and boys.

The Sanliurfa Migrant Coordination and Information Centre has been providing integrated protection services and courses to vulnerable beneficiaries in three different locations in Sanliurfa since 2017 through an official partnership with the Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality.