IOM Turkey and the Presidency of Migration Management (PMM) have recently presented a prototype of an information kiosk for migrants for the first time. In total, it is planned to establish 115 information kiosks in 89 locations, including eight airports, in Turkey within the EU-funded project “Harmonization and Social Cohesion Programme across Turkey” implemented jointly by IOM Turkey and PMM.

The purpose of the kiosks is to support the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management (PDMM) in improving migrants’ access to information on available services. The kiosks also will provide information and general guidance about life in Turkey. It is expected that the kiosks will help to satisfy the demand for information, reducing queues at PDMM offices and optimizing their counseling work.

On the 22nd of March, the representatives of IOM, PMM, and the service provider held an introductory meeting to discuss a suggested kiosk prototype. Both PMM Head of Communication Department Melek UYSAL and IOM Program Manager Mark LEWIS expressed the importance of the activity in terms of accessibility to information. During the meeting, besides the kiosk prototype, the parties touched upon the aim and progress of the activity and the work plan and timeline.

All the kiosks are planned to be produced and delivered by October 2022. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of migrants will use these kiosks.