IOM Turkey in partnership with the Kilis municipality opened a new public library in the city centre where youth from the host and refugee communities can access books and the internet free of charge. An old building in the city centre was chosen as the location for the library due to its proximity to many schools and accessibility via public transportation. IOM rehabilitated the old building by painting the walls, fixing the plumbing, equipping the library with desks, shelves, books, and computers. In this way, IOM Turkey and Kilis municipality converted the old building into a public library.   

The project aims to increase social integration between the host and refugee communities and to improve access to educational resources. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the number of visitors is restricted. Once the physical distancing restrictions are eased, the library will be a hub for young people to come and interact with each other as well as learn about each other’s cultures.  “The library will be a safe social space for everyone and the integration between youth from both Turkish and Syrian communities is important for the growth and prosperity of this city,” said the Mayor during the library opening ceremony.