In-Kind Donations to IOM Earthquake Response in Türkiye and Northwest Syria Reach USD 10 million

IOM teams distribute a batch of donated electric heaters in a temporary settlement in Malatya.  © IOM Türkiye 2023 | Begüm Başaran 

Ankara – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has topped the 10 million USD mark of in-kind donations from various donors to aid in the response efforts. 

‘‘In-kind donations are highly significant for rapid, timely and relevant humanitarian responses, where core relief items such as tents, mattresses, and medical supplies are not readily available in local markets due to high demand after the onset of the disaster.’’ said Claudia Natali, IOM’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Türkiye. “IOM has a long-standing history of competency and experience, as well as organizational facilities and networks to mobilize such a massive amount of aid.’’ 

Despite losing three of its staff and suffering damage to its facilities, IOM's supply chain, logistics, and programme teams sprang into action just hours after the earthquakes. With the help of donors and governmental partners, IOM established logistics cells in airports to receive items, facilitate customs clearance, and arrange transportation to end points. 

IOM teams were able to organize trucks to transfer items from airports directly to The Presidency of Migration Management’s (PMM) and Disaster and Emergency Management Authority’s (AFAD) distribution points, as well as IOM's warehouses, to be transferred to Northwest Syria for the use of the populations affected by the earthquakes. 

IOM Türkiye teams facilitated 58 airlifts including 14 cargo planes provided by Turkish Airlines and four from NATO for IOM's earthquake response efforts. In total, 215 trucks were facilitated to carry tons of in-kind payload, which included tents, relief housing units, clothing, generators, mattresses, food cans, sleeping bags, beds, hygiene kits, kitchen sets, boots, tarpaulins, solar lamps, stoves, medical supplies and equipment.  

"When the cooking stove is off, it is freezing inside the tent. But, now with this electric heater, it will no longer be necessary for someone to sit and watch the stove until morning,” says Ayten from Malatya after receiving one of the donated electric heaters. 

Twin earthquakes struck the country, causing devastation in 11 southeastern provinces, claiming over 50,000 lives, leaving more than 100,000 injured, and forcing approximately 3 million people to be displaced. Responding to such disasters in a timely manner is crucial for the well-being of survivors and supporting government and partners in their recovery efforts is essential.  

“IOM, with the support of its donors, will continue to be part of the recovery and resilience efforts and advocate for more in-kind support for the earthquake victims.” said Claudia Natali. 

The generous in-kind donations were made by Romania, Norway, France, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, USAID, ECHO as well as private sector donors, Flexport, Turkish Airlines, Better Shelter/IKEA, Sante and Amazon. 

For more information, please contact Olga Borzenkova in Türkiye, , +90539792786, Emrah Özesen, +905327642575