10 Oct 2021
By: IOM Turkey

“I feel as if I was born anew”, says Yasmina after she received her treatment for depression.

Our mental health depends on the social and political context around us. Unfortunately, people living in countries with ongoing conflicts are at a higher risk of developing mental health issues.

In northwest Syria, more than 4,000 people were diagnosed with stressed-related disorders in the second quarter of the year; over 1,600 people were diagnosed with depression; 226 cases of suicidal thoughts were registered; 76 suicide attempts were confirmed; and 4 people died of suicide.

Yasmina lives in Syria. She was first trapped by anxiety when the conflict started. Moreover, she got divorced with her husband who soon passed away. Left alone, she got overwhelmed by a huge responsibility for the children. She was left to the mercy of others striving to secure her family needs. 

These problems affected her, and she had no one with whom she could open up and share her feelings. In addition, it led to insomnia, eating problems, inability to maintain social interactions, and decision-making. What is most critical, it made it difficult for Yasmin to take care of her children.

Yasmina went to the Hope Revival Organization Centre in Idlib, where a psychotherapist diagnosed her with depression. Personal support workers created a treatment plan to help her reclaim her mental well-being.

"After my treatment at the centre, I felt at ease and as if someone was beside me to help me overcome my obstacles. I realized the value of each minute of my life and decided to spend time on things that matters to me and my children", shares Yasmina.

The rehabilitation plan for Yasmina included several steps and targeted different aspects to help regain self-confidence and reintegrate into society:  psychotherapy, medication treatment, psychoeducation sessions, stress-relief sessions, gender-based violence case management, to name a few.

The Hope Revival Organization Centre – supported by IOM – is a safe place for people like Yasmina; the centre provides access to specialised treatment of various mental health disorders. 

Yasmina's graduate recovery impacted her family immediately. She is now living a more stable life, caring for her children, and carrying out her everyday activities in the same manner as her peers.

"I was afraid to spend the remainder of my life in that mental cave, and I am indebted to International Organization for Migration and the Hope Revival team for their assistance, treatment, and efforts. What a wonderful feeling it is to secure your own needs without relying on others. I feel as if I was born anew," happily says Yasmina.

IOM Turkey, jointly with implementing partners and other international organizations, provides mental health and psychosocial support to vulnerable populations in northwest Syria to ensure timely diagnosis, treatment of mental health disorders and contribute to suicide prevention.