IOM has been playing a key role in supporting the harmonization process in Türkiye, leveraging its global and local expertise to provide technical support and capacity building and promote community engagement. IOM's initiatives have contributed to the development of a national harmonization policy, offering integrated services to migrants and refugees and promoting harmonization between migrants and host communities. Moreover, IOM communicates accurate and first-hand information through various printed and digital channels and informative meetings. 

IOM Türkiye's Social Cohesion Strategy (2023-2027) lays out its roadmap for the next five years, focusing on alignment with the government's and other stakeholders’ priorities to establish well-suited actions that are systemic, comprehensive, and tailored to the local context. This approach is anchored on expanding current collaboration with the government, civil society, migrants, refugees, host communities, and other relevant key partners. Furthermore, facilitating ‘meaningful social interaction’ among people of different backgrounds is an important tenet of IOM's harmonization interventions. IOM’s Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Impact of Social Mixing Programmes Toolkit provides concrete scientific and evidence-based approaches to migrant inclusion and social cohesion through social mixing programs and guides IOM’s harmonization activities and evaluation of their impacts. 

As a whole, the strategy aligns with global frameworks such as the Migration Governance Framework and the Global Compact on Migration while contributing to several initiatives, including the Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Cohesion (DISC) Initiative.